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From: james hall

To: Anthony Turner

Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 7:08 PM

Subject: Complete endorsement

I would like to endorse the work of Anthony Turner as an Equine Chiropractor and Communication's with animals. I have been an observer of mankind since I went to Scotland to study horse-mastery and Myotherapy spending two years there to complete this process. Although my primary teachings came from classes sponsored by The University of Edinburgh my real learning came from the Horse-masters and Romany people of Scotland and the Border country. It was there that I learned first hand about the essence (spirit) of the horse and how they communicated with man. I returned to Canada as a Registered Myotherapist and Bone Setter (Chiropractor)

My first position working with horses was at Paddy Farrel's Stables just out side of Toronto looking after 57, mainly hunter/jumper horses and giving riding/horse management classes to various students. It was there that I met my wife and eternal Companion Margaret and from there we started our business of caring for and healing hundreds of horses a year.

In our forty plus years of dealing with horses we have managed the McGuiness Distillery farm in King City, Ontario. The Chuukerhill Polo Club in Schomberg, Ontario and the Neetrith Arabian Farm in Aldergrove B.C.

In all of these positions I had the opportunity to be an observer of people and their mounts in a myriad of situations. I have therefore been a student all of my life and still am to this day. It is with that fact in mind that I started to work with Anthony Turner. When I met Anthony he was a heavy farm equipment mechanic. I thought to myself at the time, what a terrible waste of such strong hands on machines that gave nothing in return.

Anthony now uses his hands to alleviate the pain that the horse suffers and for that he is shown unequivocal love from the horse. It is not a job in which one becomes rich monetarily but the riches of the spirit and the soul is a cornucopia of blessings on which we sate ourselves.

Anthony is a formidable oponent of pain and the harm it does to our four footed friends and this I endorse with all my heart.