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Welcome to Our Diet and Care Centre!


About Equine Sports Massage Therapy:

This is a technique developed for the human athlete. This technique was pioneered by the late Jack Maegher who wrote the first book on Equine Trigger point therapy back in 1987, called - "Beating Muscle Injuries in Horses". The technique incorporates cross-fibre friction, tapotement, effleurage, and the RICE principle:





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Before and After
"Keno" - Paint/QH Cross



About Structural Alignment:

This is a technique using soft tissue, pressure points and manipulation to relaign the horse's skeleton. It is less invasive and less stressful to the horse, as very little thrusting, direct pressure on the bone or force, is used. The practitioner uses the horse's own muscle tension to realign the structure,

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Diet and Nutrition:

Proper nutrition is the basis of all good health. Based on years of experience, a common sense approach, as well as knowledge gained at Chadacre Agricultural college, Anthony has put together some information on the feeding of both the performance horse, and the patient undergoing therapy and rehab. Growing horses, injured horses and performance horses all have their individual needs when it comes to their diet.

Nutritional Consultation can be arranged for $100.00 per hour

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