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The Secret!

Many horses are being given lots of food but are still low in nutrients, as many substances are not recognizable to the horse's DNA.


Nutrition is taken back to the way things were in the days of our grandfathers, who farmed naturally and for the benefit of the animal, producing a high functioning immune system so the animals were resistant to disease naturally.


Good Nutrition is the foundation of health and healing, without that, the body can not heal, and the body work does not hold. The principles I trust have been around for centuries - we need to stop trying to "high tech a low tech animal" and get back to basics.

Oats, Flax and Barley
have been fed to horses for centuries 



These ways are hard to find now, as modern technology has overcome common sense, and this knowledge has died out except for people like the Ammish, who still practice natural and holistic farming. Modern farming practices, pharmaceuticals, high performance and stress levels, and confinement have left us with many horses whose immune systems are depleted, and whose diet contributes even more to rising instances of colic, laminitis, ulcers and a host of digestive and immune response ailments.


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Herbal Remedies..........                     

Please call for dietary consultation, complete with herbal remedies for increasing the immune system of the horse, bone and tendon healing, digestive aids for gut bacteria and ulcers, anti-parasitic formulas and many more.

                About the horse..................

Horses do not have a very big stomach, and it empties itself every half hour. With over 100 feet of intestines, the horse is literally "guts on legs" and any distress in system this large is a huge deal. A horse is designed as a grazer, to consume small amounts of forage continuously. So free choice hay is a must for intestinal health. If the horse's stomach is left for long periods of time with no forage to digest, the acids erode the stomach wall and ulcers, or colic are the result.


Basic Nutrition Notes

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The Horse's Digestion.......

This is the reason I believe that nutrition is the cornerstone of health - and illness in many cases! The horse's GI tract has not changed for thousands of years, and although the vets and feed companies won't tell you this, pelleted feed is second on the list of causes of colic, the first being worms.

Straight whole grains - like oats and barley - have been fed to horses for milennia - and yet in the age of science and universities, we think we know better than the animal itself.