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Structural Alignment

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A Lifetime with Horses!

Equine Therapy is right for your horse!
Here are just a few of the benefits!

In only a few sessions, the majority of our clients are more relaxed, happy, supple, and willing. This is a non invasive technique using soft tissue and pressure points to re-aligh the horse's skeleton. Many owners notice a positive shift almost immediately, besides the fact that your horse will love it!

Anthony can help you if your horse has any of these issues:

Head Tossing
Girthiness (Cinchie)
Trouble with Leads
Stiffness on one side
Hock and stifle problems
Sore backs
Tail Wringing

What is Structural Alignment?

Structural alignment is a technique that has the same effects as Chiropractics, but is based more on trigger point therapy, and myofacial release than direct pressure on the bone. The horse's muscle and ligament tension is used to cause the bone to move rather than causing trauma to the bone by forcing it to move. This technique is coupled with some stretches and pelvic flexions to realign the horse from head to toe, it is used on all the joints and not just the spine. Coupled with deep tissue Massage Therapy, this is a very effective treatment for pain relief, realignment, and relief of deep muscle spasms caused by skeletal deviations. Releasing the bone will release the muscle, as over time, the muscle will atrophy as it is not being used correctly due to nerve and bone impingement. When the nerve impulses are shut down, muscle wastage occurs, and the movement of the horse is compomised.

Here are just a few of the benefits...

Physically: Improves function of all systems, increased suppleness and balance in muscular system, improves coat condition, aids and prevents joint stiffness, arthritis, laminitis, and colic, decreases owner anxiety.

Emotionally: Increases sense of happiness and enjoyment, releases negative emotions, resolves negative past experiences or trauma, increases trust and respect.

Anthony and Sky
Anthony and Sky

A typical Balancing session...

The 1-hour session begins with an assessment of the client's physical condition and movement.

The physical assessment takes into consideration structural balance, range of motion and gait analysis.

Palpation is used to locate and correct imbalances in these areas using a variety of healing tools..

Tools used may include massage, gentle structural alignment, energy work, diet change, and in some cases, I will also assess saddle fit. Stretching to increase the range of motion in both joints and muscles.

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