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Get Back to Basics! In these economic times especially, knowledge can save you thousands of dollars a year in vet bills, food bills and lowered stress – both yours and the horses!


No matter how much money you spend, if the horse cannot absorb it, you are throwing money away in the manure pile! Horses rely on connective tissue strength to hold up their massive heavy skeleton. If the muscles, ligaments and tendons are not strong, and the body is pulling nutrients from the bone to satisfy the need, the horse’s entire body is compromised, prone to injury and a lowered immune system leaves the open to infection and disease.


I have adopted the barefoot trim. This may not be practical for all horses, but at least consider giving your horse several months without shoes every year, so they have a chance to rest and spread, you can still ride – as exercise is key to barefoot. Since most of us ride in rings on good footing, shoeing all winter when you are not showing or riding on roads is not really necessary.

An unfit horse cannot perform at its best, and is prone to injury. Cross training is key and will help your horse achieve lifelong soundness. Training according to Classical Prinicples based on balance and suppleness produces a sound and fit athlete who will live long and stay sound.

Without flexibility in movement the joints suffer and wear out. This is why we have so many injuries, hock injections and drugs being administered today where a change in husbandry could drastically reduce, or eliminate many problems in the modern barn.